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Get All of Your Cat Litter and Litter Box

Published By Abi on Jun 21,2020

There are several considerations to get started, the number, size, and type of boxes. How many boxes will you need? The basic rule is a minimum of one litter box location per cat, plus one. Let’s say you have two cats, then you should have three litter box locations. If you have a multi-level home, you should have one on each floor, even if you only have one cat in the home.

If you are wondering what size, in this case, bigger really is better. The litter box should be 1 ½ times the length of your cat’s body so that your cat has some room to move around in the box. Plastic storage bins are a good option as they come in large sizes. The only modification that you would have to make is too cute an entrance on one side to make it easier for your cat.

Cat’s have very sensitive noses so they may prefer unscented rather than scented. This is based entirely on your cat. What smells fresh to you may be strong and overwhelming for your cat. Here’s a guide to choosing the best cat litter for your house.

Finding a brand, you trust will make choosing the best cat litter for you and the family easier. With so many choices, finding a trustworthy brand is the best place to start. Research the brand as the packaging may make claims that are not entirely accurate. You want to find a brand that loves cats as much as you do. Snappy Tom has both plant-based and crystal-based options that are quality litter and backed by a brand that cares about your cat’s well-being.

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